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Icon Editor to Make Icons for Windows Download IconLover
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Icon Editor to Make Icons for Windows

A powerful, easy-to-use icon editor for finding, extracting, creating and editing icons and cursors and managing icon libraries and image lists. You can make icons for Windows, Web, Mac OS with it.

Icon Editor New features:
  • Support for Windows Vista icons
  • Ability to draw smooth lines and shapes
  • Ability to print icons
  • Brightness, contrast, smoothing and sharpness effects
With IconLover 5.46, you can:
  • Manage icons, static and animated cursors, icon and cursor libraries and image lists
  • Create and edit smooth semi-transparent icons, static and animated cursors for Windows XP
  • Create and edit icons in standard and custom sizes, with color depth up to 32-bit True Color
  • Create and edit animated GIF images
  • Make stylish icons from your images
  • Paint images with gradients and fills
  • Create multi-layer images
  • Modify images with drop shadow, opacity, smoothing, negative, grayscale, colorization, rotation, roll and mirror effects
  • Import and export ICO, BMP, JPEG, ANI, CUR, GIF, PNG, TGA, TIFF, WMF, WBMP, XPM, XBM and Adobe Photoshop PSD image formats
  • Import Mac OS icons from ICNS and RSRC files
  • Make icons in ICNS format for Mac OS
  • Manage icon libraries for better and more efficient image storage
  • Extract icons from Windows executables, libraries and animated cursor files, ZIP and RAR archives
  • Download icons from the Internet
  • Modify icons inside executables
  • Search in folders for icons and cursors
  • Convert or apply effects to multiple icons at once
  • Customize desktop and folder icons
System requirements: Windows PC.

Trial limitations: 30-day trial period, nag-screen.

Download (6.3 MB):  exe   zip

Icon editor history
 2017-Jan-20 IconLover 5.46
Added: Portable mode
 2016-Jul-28 IconLover 5.45
Improved: Ability to import PNG8 images with alpha channel
Added: Ability to import icons from 64-bit DLLs
 2016-Jul-23 IconLover 5.44
Fixed: Bugs within XBM export
Fixed: Bugs in resizing methods
 2016-Jan-28 IconLover 5.43
Fixed: Small bugs
 2015-May-14 IconLover 5.42
Added: Ability to set parameters for "Disabled Image" effect
 2015-May-06 IconLover 5.41
Added: Ability to create 768x768 icons for Windows 10
Added: Support for PNG-encoded 1024x1024 Mac OS X icons
Added: Full current file path in a program title
 2015-Apr-06 IconLover 5.40
Added: Ability to export base64 PNG images to clipboard
 2014-Dec-30 IconLover 5.39
Fixed: Small bugs with layers
 2013-Dec-16 IconLover 5.38
Fixed: Small bugs
Fixed: Problems with Windows UAC
 2013-Oct-29 IconLover 5.37
Added: Ability to extract icons from Android APK files
Added: Merging, overlaying, subtracting image operations
Added: Mask functions
Added: Center lines in the edit area
Modified: Crop function is added into toolbars
 2013-Oct-07 IconLover 5.36
Added: Support for SVG, AI, PDF (Inkscape is required)
Added: Support for 1024x1024 Mac OS X icons
Added: Android icon formats
Added: iOS 7 icon formats
Added: Ability to open files in a single instance
Added: "Close All Files" function
 2013-Jun-21 IconLover 5.35
Added: Inner Shadow effect
 2013-Feb-15 IconLover 5.34
Added: Ability to export icon captions to text files for icon collections
 2012-Dec-19 IconLover 5.33
Improved: Compatibility with Windows 8
 2012-Sep-26 IconLover 5.32
Added: Round Corners effect
 2012-Jul-09 IconLover 5.31
Updated: Splash screen
 2011-Dec-06 IconLover 5.30
Changed: Registration system
 2011-Nov-11 IconLover 5.20
Added: Canvas size operation for icon libraries
Added: Opacity Inversion effect
Added: Monochrome effect
 2011-Jun-03 IconLover 5.18
Added: Ability to export 24-bit bitmaps and other formats for development tools
 2011-Feb-15 IconLover 5.17
Updated: Icon download database
 2010-Nov-12 IconLover 5.16
Improved: Image test function
Improved: Support for large ICNS icons
 2010-Jun-29 IconLover 5.15
Updated: File association dialog
 2010-May-03 IconLover 5.14
Updated: Icon download database
 2010-Apr-20 IconLover 5.13
Modified: "Save as" button added into the program toolbar
 2010-Mar-03 IconLover 5.12
Added: Compatibility with 64-bit Windows
 2010-Feb-15 IconLover 5.11
Added: Ability to import images from folder with subfolders
 2009-Dec-10 IconLover 5.10
Added: Ability to save icons in ICNS format for Mac OS
 2009-Aug-17 IconLover 5.0
Added: Windows 7 support
Added: Aqua effect
Added: Ability to combining multiple images into a single icon
Added: Ability to change the color of background in a library mode
 2009-Feb-19 IconLover 4.27
Added: Ability to print icons with grid
Fixed: Some bugs with icon search
 Download it
 2008-Nov-04 IconLover 4.26
Added: Ability to import Mac icons into icon libraries
 2008-Sep-23 IconLover 4.25
Added: Ability to work with large images inside imagelists
 2008-Sep-01 IconLover 4.24
Added: New icon samples
 2008-May-26 IconLover 4.23
Added: Hot and Circle Mask effects
 2008-Feb-26 IconLover 4.22
Improved: Print functions
Improved: Undo functions
 2008-Jan-24 IconLover 4.21
Fixed: Small bugs
 2007-Nov-22 IconLover 4.2
Added: Ability to edit 16-bit and 32-bit ICL files
 2007-Oct-02 IconLover 4.18
Added: Ability to edit 16-bit ICL files under Windows Vista

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