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Aha-Soft ArtIcons Addresses the Needs of International Developers Community

New Version of the Award-Winning Icon Editor Features New Interface Languages

February 1, 2005 - Aha-Soft, a leading developer of graphics software, announced this month the release of ArtIcons 4.14, an innovative solution for creating, editing and managing Windows icons and icon libraries. The new version helps to overcome the language barrier and increase productivity by offering support for 18 interface languages, including English, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish and Ukrainian.

"The multilingual functionality in ArtIcons is very important for graphic artists, whose native language is not English," - says Anton Pishchour, vice president for Ace Co. Ltd., a software localization company. - "I would be wrong if I did not mention that ArtIcons is very user-friendly in itself, but when it talks to an artist in his native language it becomes even friendlier. This feature helps artists overcome the challenge of language barriers and concentrate on their job."

Aha-Soft ArtIcons 4.14 continues the new line of Aha-Soft's image editors with the main stress on perfecting image processing capabilities that allow creation of more attractively looking icons. The new version allows graphic artists to apply anti-aliasing while importing and resizing images to smooth out their edges and eliminate the jugged lines which are very common for many resized images. Other new features in this version include the hue/saturation effects, the color replacement ability and the perspective grid that helps artists better use perspective in the process of creating the Windows XP style icons.

The image editor in the new version has also sufficiently improved from the days of the 3.xx versions and offers graphic artists a number of breakthrough features, including the ability to create icons with several raster layers. The support for multi-layer icons is implemented through the use of a new image format - Icon Project. "The concept of using layers is very familiar to any artist working with digital imaging software," - says a representative from Aha-Soft. - "Layers give you more freedom in using complex graphic tools and creating professionally looking images. This new feature enables Aha-Soft ArtIcons Pro to rival any high-end graphics package. In fact, it is better suited for creation of icons and other small graphics than any high-end graphic tool."

Aha-Soft ArtIcons Pro is specifically designed for efficient icon creation and management and offers a variety of features that cannot be found in standard graphics applications, including the ability to import icons from executables, image and library files and the search and extract function that enables busy artists scan through the contents of a folder or a drive and arrange all images found in any files into a single icon library for easy and effective management.

ArtIcons is equipped with all essential drawing tools including various kinds of airbrushes, pencils and paintbrushes as well as miscellaneous text, line and shape tools. The software also offers a variety of solid, patterned and gradient flood fills, drop shadow, smooth, color modification and other effects. The native Windows XP icon format support enables artists to create 32-bit icons with 8-bit alpha channels.

System Requirements
Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT/XP, 2MB of free disk space.

Shareware, 30 days trial. Standard version is $19.95 US, ArtIcons Pro is $39.95 US.

About the Publisher
Based in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, Aha-Soft manufactures cutting-edge image processing software for professional and amateur graphic artists. Aha-Soft's line of icon and cursor tools features innovative software designs to set new standards. This privately owned company was founded in 2000 and is off to a phenomenal start, receiving high praise in its first years of operation from top Internet download sites including ZDNet, TuCows and Simply the Best.

For more information about Aha-Soft please visit the company's web site at www.aha-soft.com.

P.O. BOX 17077, Krasnoyarsk-10, 660010, Russia
Email: supportaha-soft.com
Web: www.aha-soft.com

Full Version Evaluation
Should you need a full version for review, please email us at

Download Evaluation Copy of ArtIcons Pro 4.14
Download from: www.aha-soft.com/downloads/aipro.exe (exe, 1.2 MB)
and www.aha-soft.com/downloads/aipro.zip (zip, 1.2 MB)

More Information
More product information can be found at

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