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Singularity Icon Set

These flat icons are designed in according to iOS 7 guidelines. By default they can be used for iOS apps. Also this set contains a lot of sizes to design Windows desktop software, Windows 8 apps, Android apps, web interfaces.

Styles: full, line.
States: selected, unselected.
Colors: white, gray, black, blue, red.
File formats: PNG, SVG.
Sizes: 512x512, 256x256, 128x128, 100x100, 96x96, 72x72, 64x64, 60x60, 48x48, 44x44, 30x30, 26x26, 24x24, 22x22, 16x16.
Sizes for iOS 7: 60x60, 30x30, 44x44, 22x22.
Sizes for Windows 8: 26x26, 26x26 centered in 48x48 images.
Quantity: 39 icons are for free, 99 icons are included into a commercial version.
Non-commercial usage: free. You cannot redistribute, resell, lease, license, sub-license or offer these icons to any third party. This includes uploading to another websites.

 Purchase commercial license for $49/39 EUR

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ios 7 tab bar icons
ios7  icons
ios 7 icons

Note: The icon you provide for iOS toolbars, navigation bars, and tab bars is used as a mask to create the icon you see in your application. It is not necessary to use full-color icons. We offer pure white, silver and black icons with appropriate alpha transparency. iOS adds all required effects itself.

Usage Examples

Aha-Soft allows to distribute these example images and place them in blogs and publications.

Singularity Icons: Download Links

 Selected and unselected icons for iOS
 Icons for Windows 8, Windows Phone
 Black PNG images
 White PNG Icons
 Gray/Silver PNG images
 Blue PNG images
 Red PNG images
 SVG images

A free part contains 39 icons only. If you prefer to get an entire set you should purchase a commercial edition.

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