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ArtCursors cursor editor Download ArtCursors
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Choose ArtCursors for your cursor editor!

ArtCursors application allows you to edit stationary and moving cursors for Windows.

 Download ArtCursors here

Cursor editor

Cursor editor history
 2009-Feb-19 ArtCursors 5.17
Fixed: Some bugs with ICO files
 Download it
 2007-Feb-06 ArtCursors 5.16
Fixed: Small bugs
 2007-Jan-18 ArtCursors 5.15
Added: Feedback and Ready Icons options
 2006-Oct-25 ArtCursors 5.10
Added: Support for large WBMP images
Added: Customizable grid
 2006-Aug-07 ArtCursors 5.0
Added: Ability to draw smooth lines and shapes
Added: Ability to edit animated GIF images
Added: Arc tool
Added: Crop function
Added: Ability to paint over or replace original pixels
Added: Stroke and other effects
Added: Ability to scan entire computer for icons
Modified: Color palette
 2005-Oct-21 ArtCursors 4.21
Added: Ability to copy and paste colors from the clipboard
 2005-Jul-11 ArtCursors 4.20
Added: Realtime preview
Added: Support for Borland resource files
 2004-Dec-09 ArtCursors 4.12
Added: Hue/Saturation effect
Added: Color replacement
 2004-Oct-25 ArtCursors 4.10
Added: Smooth resampling
Fixed: Palette problems
 2004-Sep-12 ArtCursors 4.04
Fixed: Problems with some .bmp files
 2004-Jun-15 ArtCursors 4.02
Fixed: Problems with some .bmp files
 2004-Apr-08 ArtCursors 4.01
Modified: Undo limit is increased to 24 commands
 2004-Mar-23 ArtCursors 4.0
Added: Ability to create images containing several layers and store icon projects with layer information
Added: Hatch and chess patterns for transparent color
Added: New effect - Merge with background color
Added: Displaying items in libraries using the custom size
Added: Exporting an icon library as a single 32-bit bitmap image
Added: Ability to export and import transparent 256-colored PNG images
Added: Window position saving
Added: Cursor Properties function
Improved: Images in sizes up to 3000x3000 can be imported or edited
Updated: Program interface
Removed: Displaying icons in libraries using the 64x64 size
Removed: 3d frame drawing tool
Removed: 255x255 image size limit