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2019-Mar-23 ArtCursors 5.30
Improved: Support for MacOS icons

2018-Sep-17 ArtCursors 5.29
Fixed: Problems with antivirus software

2016-Jul-28 ArtCursors 5.28
Improved: Ability to import PNG8 images with aplha channel

2016-Jan-28 ArtCursors 5.27
Fixed: Minor bugs

2015-May-10 ArtCursors 5.26
Added: Ability to import multiple files into animated images and sets
Added: Support for 768 x 768 icons for Windows 10
Added: Ability to import PNG-encoded 1024 x 1024 Mac OS X icons

2015-Apr-06 ArtCursors 5.25
Fixed: Small bugs

2013-Nov-25 ArtCursors 5.24
Fixed: Small bugs

2013-Oct-09 ArtCursors 5.23
Added: Inner Shadow effect
Added: Support for 1024x1024 Mac OS icons
Added: "Close All Files" command

2012-Jul-09 ArtCursors 5.22
Updated: Splash screen

2012-Mar-28 ArtCursors 5.21
Improved: Compatibility with Windows 8

2011-Dec-09 ArtCursors 5.20
Improved: Compatibility with 64-bit Windows

2010-Mar-03 ArtCursors 5.18
Added: Compatibility with 64-bit Windows

2009-Feb-19 ArtCursors 5.17
Fixed: Some bugs with ICO files

2007-Feb-06 ArtCursors 5.16
Fixed: Small bugs

2007-Jan-18 ArtCursors 5.15
Added: Feedback and Ready Icons options

2006-Oct-25 ArtCursors 5.10
Added: Support for large WBMP images
Added: Customizable grid

2006-Aug-07 ArtCursors 5.0
Added: Ability to draw smooth lines and shapes
Added: Arc tool
Added: Crop function
Added: Ability to paint over or replace original pixels
Added: Stroke and other effects
Added: Ability to scan entire computer for icons
Modified: Color palette

2005-Oct-21 ArtCursors 4.21
Added: Ability to copy and paste colors from the clipboard

2005-Jul-11 ArtCursors 4.20
Added: Realtime preview
Added: Support for Borland resource files

2004-Dec-09 ArtCursors 4.12
Added: Color replacement
Added: Hue/Saturation effect

2004-Oct-25 ArtCursors 4.10
Added: Smooth resampling
Fixed: Palette problems

2004-Sep-12 ArtCursors 4.04
Fixed: Layer mode errors

2004-Jul-22 ArtCursors 4.03
Added: Arbitrary canvas rotation

2004-Jun-15 ArtCursors 4.02
Fixed: Problems with some .bmp files

2004-Apr-08 ArtCursors 4.01
Modified: Undo limit is increased to 24 commands

2004-Mar-23 ArtCursors 4.0
Added: Ability to create images containing several layers and store icon projects with layer information
Added: Hatch and chess patterns for transparent color
Added: New effect - Merge with background color
Added: Displaying items in libraries using the custom size
Added: Exporting an icon library as a single 32-bit bitmap image
Added: Ability to export and import transparent 256-colored PNG images
Added: Window position saving
Added: Cursor Properties function
Improved: Images in sizes up to 3000x3000 can be imported or edited
Updated: Program interface
Removed: Displaying icons in libraries using the 64x64 size
Removed: 3d frame drawing tool
Removed: 255x255 image size limit

2003-Nov-03 ArtCursors 3.03
Fixed: Bug in "Open File" dialog for "Import Image List" function

2003-Sep-14 ArtCursors 3.02
Improved: Images with any sizes can be imported into libraries

2003-Apr-04 ArtCursors 3.01b
Added: Alternative button images to customize the program interface

2003-Feb-17 ArtCursors 3.0
Added: Support for Windows 2000/XP smooth cursors in 32-bit color depth with 8-bit alpha-channel
Added: New special effects including Drop Shadow, Smooth, Negative, Opacity and Colorize
Added: Actual transparency use while moving or copying images
Added: RGB lock mode that allows to modify pixels transparency while keeping their color
Added: Transparency lock mode that allows to modify pixels color while keeping their transparency
Added: Ability to export (import) multiple icons to (from) image strips in BMP and PNG formats
Added: Ability to customize the default palette for creating 8-bit images
Added: Support for ICC icon collection format
Added: Support for semitransparent PNG images
Added: Support for X Pixmap (XPM), X Bitmap (XBM), Adobe Photoshop (PSD), WAP Bitmap (WBMP) formats
Changed: The user interface is now identical with that of ArtIcons Pro

2002-Jun-23 ArtCursors 2.15
Fixed: Small bugs

2002-May-16 ArtCursors 2.14
Fixed: Casual disappearing of selected area while moving or copying

2002-Apr-21 ArtCursors 2.13
Fixed: Selected image is invisible with some video drivers in 32 BPP True Color video mode

2001-Nov-06 ArtCursors 2.12
Fixed: Problem with an artist name in animated cursors

2001-Aug-17 ArtCursors 2.11
Added: Import from WAP bitmaps
Added: Ability to add large images to cursors
Added: Color indication in the status bar
Added: Export animated cursors to image list bitmaps
Fixed: Problem with a multi-monitor configuration

2001-Jun-11 ArtCursors 2.1
Added: Ability to open and edit bmp, jpg, gif and png images

2001-May-12 ArtCursors 2.0
Improved: Help system

2001-May-02 ArtCursors 2.0 Beta
Added: Ability to work with animated cursors

2001-Apr-18 ArtCursors 1.11
Fixed: Small bugs

2001-Apr-05 ArtCursors 1.1
Added: Export items into single image
Fixed: Small bugs

2001-Mar-05 ArtCursors 1.02
Fixed: Open File dialogs small bugs
Changed: Color format from BGR to RGB in the Status Bar

2001-Feb-02 ArtCursors 1.01
Improved: Conversion to GIF format
Fixed: Error with creating files com1, lpt1 etc.
Fixed: Incomplete renaming in "Correct names" function for libraries

2001-Jan-23 ArtCursors 1.0
Base version

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Perfect Toolbar Icons

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Business Toolbar Icons

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Dollar icon Business Icon Set will make your software and web products look more modern and attractive. File formats included into the set are Windows icons, GIF and PNG images.

Icon ArtIcons Pro is an advanced icon-specific utility for Windows. It supports ICO, BMP, PNG, GIF, PSD, XPM, XBM, WBMP, CUR and ANI image formats and allows you to manage icon libraries.

Icon ArtCursors allows you to find, create, edit, import and export cursors and manage cursor libraries. It supports static and animated cursors.

Icon Any to Icon converts icons and cursors into BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF, ICO, CUR and other formats. This wizard can find icons and make images for use on Web pages.